At Avo Creative(pronounced “AY-voh”), we combine strategy and creative finesse to build better brands, and tell meaningful stories that influence the culture. We are a team of creative professionals who understand what it takes to build and communicate a brand. At the heart of our success is our talented staff of designers, strategists, writers, and doers – all passionate about making powerful work.

We exist to contribute to and influence the brand culture in Abuja. We want to be responsible for building the next generation of great Abuja brands. This sets the tone for the Avo culture.

We are the creative upperclass. When it comes to ideas, we’re in a different tax bracket. We believe in ideas that do more—that help our clients articulate their story, inform brand behaviour and brand communications.


Our process is what differentiates us — whether we’re building a brand from scratch or brainstorming a marketing campaign, we have processes that enable us to cut through the fluff and get to real insights and ideas.


The crucial first step is to take stock of the existing brand with a critical eye. Who are you? Where are you? What strengths can we take advantage of? What do we need to do to take the brand to its highest level?


We create the strategy that enables us to solve the client’s problem and reach their goals — as it relates to brand building and communication. At this stage, concepts like the brand’s positioning, purpose and personality are defined and used to inform all creative decisions.

Creative Development

Using all the information from the previous stage, we develop the creative assets that will communicate the brand’s story and essence. Starting from the brand design, we use whatever artistic means necessary to bring your newly developed brand to life.


This is the part where your new brand is introduced to your staff, stakeholders and the world at large. All the work from the prior stages comes together in a cohesive plan that covers all brand touch points.

Rodney Omeokachie    Founder/MD

Rodney Omeokachie


Head Strategist and Founder of Avo Creative, Rodney oversees all of Avo's creative output. He is also the team photographer.

Usman Abdullahi    Production Manager

Usman Abdullahi

Production Manager

Usman co-ordinates the teams' day-to-day, produces in-house shoots and oversees all projects, shoots and events.

Kechi Okpala    Executive Producer

Kechi Okpala

Executive Producer

Kechi oversees the production of all of Avo's projects from planning through to the various elements of post-production.

Demola Badejo    Art Director

Demola Badejo

Art Director

Demola leads the development of visual aesthetics of all branding projects.