Kenzi Designs, an interior design company based in Nairobi, Kenya, had been in operation for 7 years when they decided they were ready to take their brand and their offerings to next level. After years of ‘figuring it out’, they were ready to commit to a brand idea that would set them up for growth within the next 7 years.

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Kenzi Interiors wanted to make a bold statement of intent in the Nairobian Interior Design scene with an ambitious rebrand across all touch points. They wanted to evolve from a budget afterthought to a real player in the industry. They knew that, in order to compete effectively, and make the right impression, they needed to go back to the drawing board and become more intentional about who they say they are, who they want to be and what they do.

Key Insights

What the Avo team found was that none of Kenzi’s competitors had any core competitive advantage or clearly stated unique selling proposition. To be frank, their brands were underdeveloped and inconsistent. This meant that Kenzi had the opportunity to set itself apart in the market in a meaningful way and build a loyal customer base for years to come.


The Avo Team started the project with a 3hr brand discovery session where we essentially downloaded every possible information from the CEO, Makena Obhura, who the company is named after. Using the information we received, we were able to put together a detailed and pin-point brand strategy which the Makena described as coming “straight out of her head”. We were able to accurately express the brand idea in a manner that she was previously unable to properly articulate.

One of the brand decisions we proposed was changing the name from Kenzi Designs to Kenzi Interiors because the word “design” was too general and could easily be mistaken for any number of design fields.

The design team really shone in their interpretation of the brand personality and brand story into stunning brand visuals. We created a comprehensive brand book complete with logo guidelines, colors, fonts, patterns and design elements that would keep the brand consistent across all touchpoints. The new logo, called the Kunimilia, is really the crown jewel of this entire project. It is a classic example of what happens when design is influenced by brand thinking and storytelling. View the image below to get the full story.

[Click to enlarge] The logo is very meaningful and influenced by a lot of different ideas.

We also upgraded the company tagline from “Be Bespoke” to “Believe in Bespoke” not only because it rolls of the tongue better but also it gives the company an air of credibility as a credible expert to believe in. The word “believe” is a marketing word with a lot of psychological impact.

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To wrap up the project we included concepts and mockups of how the brand would look on stationery, swag and marketing collateral.

Project Details


DATE: 2019

LOCATION(S): Abuja/Nairobi

SERVICES: Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Brand Narrative/Story