Triple-T Premium Estate, a real estate company based in Abuja, Nigeria, created 'Own Your Own' with the goal of making it possible for Nigerian citizens to WIN AND OWN a 2-bedroom apartment every 30 days via monthly raffle draws.

The housing industry in Nigeria is currently in bad shape with incredibly high living costs and countless stories of fraud, scams and falsified documents that have made people incredibly distrustful of the system. When it comes to home-ownership, one can build, buy or inherit a house but that is reserved for the privileged in the society. Low-income citizens have very few options. Triple-T Premium Estate (TTT) has attempted to give hope to the less privileged by making it possible to win a ready-made, premium apartment with just a small token.

For this to work, TTT needed stellar communication, visuals and strategy to build credibility in the eyes of the public. They needed 3 things specifically;

  1. A messaging strategy that spoke to the needs and problems of the target consumer. Starting with the name of the promotion…

  2. A visual identity that was well thought out and very deliberate that involved a distinct logo, bold positive color schemes and a design style that was unique to the Own Your Own (OYO) brand.

  3. A marketing campaign to launch the promotion both online and offline.

We started by developing the brand during a 6hr brand discovery workshop. During this workshop, we were able to determine the purpose, position and personality of the OYO brand. We also came up with the name of the promotion: Own Your Own during this phase. We then translated our findings into design elements which formed the logo, colors and other visual elements. Using the information from the discovery phase, we were able to create communication strategy such as taglines, and marketing material that fit the brand identity and what we wanted to portray.

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